One of the anti-laws of marketing (Kapferer and Bastien, 2009) states to forget about positioning because luxury is not comparative. This resonates due to the levels within luxury and differentiating factors between and across products and brands making them less comparable. For example accessible luxury like Michael Kors versus absolute luxury like Cartier is hard to compare positioning.

When studying the Longchamp case study for Element 1 however, the importance of positioning was highlighted. With their Le Pliage at a lower price point it was clear that brand perception was being damaged and this effected their positioning in the luxury market. Kapferer’s anti-law makes sense when comparing luxury brands at a top level like Chanel with Balenciaga but the case study demonstrated the importance of brand positioning for me as a consumer. As a Longchamp consumer with multiple bags I had never even considered the brand luxury due to the positioning of the Le Pliage bag. From learning about positioning in marketing I now understand how this confused positioning effected brand image as well as brand identity.

Using Belbins team roles (2015) I would ‘position’ myself as the ‘team worker’ during the project. I understood that being cooperative and diplomatic in the tight time frame was essential whereas my usual instincts drive me towards a ‘completer finisher’ who is reluctant to delegate. Working in a group with a one-week turnaround to present was also harder than I had initially thought due to differing schedules with work and time constraint. What I learnt was that trust in delegation of work and pulling it together as a group was the most efficient way of tackling these hurdles.



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