The importance of building a strong brand identity and the subsequent brand image portrayed is one of the most valuable learnings I am taking away from the SFM unit.

I have learnt that adjusting strategy can help recreate and refresh brand identity. Adapting the 4 M’s model (Varley et al., 2018 forthcoming) Saint Laurent updated its image by rebranding and recreating its value proposition by utilising its competencies.

Men – They re-vitalised their primary resources and hired Hedi Slimane as creative director. He maintained a singular vision and a consistent approach to transform Yves Saint Laurent into Saint Laurent Paris focusing on highly commercial products.

Money – Saint Laurent increased advertising spending and reinvested significantly into communications to promote their change to a younger rock and roll archetypal brand.

Minds – With a new brand personality, they also re-envisaged their brand reputation. Hedi Slimane created a new ‘mood’ for the brand looking to youth and pop culture. Engagement was ensued by intense marketing and advertising and they have created a devoted tribe of followers. A positive brand image is created through these marketing campaigns that use ambassadors like Marilyn Manson to reach these consumers.

The brand now implements a user oriented positioning. Adapting image and identity has successfully generated a new brand DNA for Saint Laurent and subsequent equity. This unit has helped me understand how strategic choices revitalised the brand.

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